Spire PR Ltd

Teach v. to impart knowledge or to instruct in how to do something as part of a recognised programme

After several years heading up an in-house PR team, and years of frustration at being unable to find a decent training course to get the more junior members of the team up to standard, Julia Bolsom identified a gap in the market. Where were the PR courses for in-house teams or small businesses that were actually run by people who did PR for a living?

Spire PR courses are relevant, informative and can be tailor made to suit your exact needs whether you are the MD of a small business and want to do your own PR or the in-house department of a major global brand.

Julia Bolsom is also currently preparing a 4 day post-graduate course in conjunction with a South of England University.

Spire PR courses currently available:

  • Making Your PR Agency Work For You
    • how to choose the right agency for your needs
    • how to manage your PR Agency to get the very best results
    • how to keep them and their budget in check
    • how to maximise your ROI using an Agency
Photograph: Julia Bolsom, Managing Director
  • Product Placement For In-House Teams
    • who to contact and when
    • how best to ensure that your product is featured above your competitors
  • Do It Yourself (DIY) PR
    • Everything you need to know to be able to undertake campaigns for your business without the need to hire an external Agency or in-house PR specialist
    • From developing an appropriate strategy to the contact details for which journalists to approach and everything in between
Photograph: News